Most Modular And Flexible Lightbox Available

The Responsive Modular Lightbox by BitBrewery is an multi-purpose lightbox displaying solution that allows you to show almost any kind of content.  The Responsive Modular Lightbox is highly customizable, has al lot of animation and transition effects and comes with the unique code generator. Due to its code generator and the four really different Themes, the Responsive Modular Lightbox is made for beginners and pro's.

Responsive Modular Lightbox

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Responsive for every Device

You want to show your users whatever you want?

The flexible design of the Bit Brewery Lightbox gets you the best visualization results for all kinds of media formats on all kinds of devices.


The Most Customizable and Modular Lightbox with a unique Code Generator

You expect fast loading times, extendibility and customizability with the lowest possible file size?

The Bit Brewery Lightbox contains only the source code for the functions you need, because performance matters.

Demo Generator

Four Themes included and so simple to create your own

Four standard Bit Brewery Lightbox styles guarantee a fast implementation.

Create your own individual style to materialize your visual vision into reality.


Show Off your Content

Other LIghtboxes will only show your photos.

No matter what - photos, videos, maps, iframes or your custom HTML - our Lightbox can visualize everything perfectly.


The Most Accessible and Keyboard controllable Lightbox

In contrast to many other lightboxes the Bit Brewery Lightbox can be keyboard-operated without the help of a computer mouse. Additionally, tabbing outside of the Lightbox is prevented for easy control.


Multi Device Tested

All Bit Brewery products get thoroughly tested with different settings on a wide range of devices. If you bump into any problem, you can contact us on our  support system.




One of the Bit Brewery Lightbox standard tools is the integration of pictures of any size.


Open Lightbox in Full-Screen Mode

The Bit Brewery Lightbox can be opened in full-screen mode.



You can connect every supported content-type to a gallery.


Gallery with preview images

You can also chow preview/images but you have to define them.


Open lightbox in zoom mode

The Bit Brewery Lightbox zoom mode enables you to show your oversize pictures 1:1. The user can zoom into the picture even if the picture is bigger then the screen.



Another standard option is the integration of self-hosted videos in the Bit Brewery Lightbox with SWF-fallback.

What’s special about it?

Depending on the kind of browser their own preferred video formats can alternatively be incorporated for a greater overall performance.



Iframes, for instance used to embed YouTube videos or Google Maps, only need the following details for their utilization in the Bit Brewery Lightbox: the url and size in which the Lightbox shall display the iframe.


Inline HTML - With Selector

You can use the Bit Brewery Lightbox to display HTML-elements of the opened website. If you wish to display only particular HTML elements of the opened website a CSS selector can be used.


HTML inside Trigger-Element

Alternatively, the entire content of the trigger element which activates the Lightbox can be displayed. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to specify a selector.


Portrait Photography

James Doe


Harmony. Pleasure.

Open Lightbox from Lightbox

The interweaving of several Bit Brewery Lightboxes is possible at all times. For instance, if you want to use one lightbox for standard forms, links with further information (e.g. company terms and conditions) can be accessed in a second lightbox without losing the content of the first one. The content of the first lightbox will only temporarily be greyed out. When closing the second lightbox the user returns to the first one and will therefore not close the entire Lightbox-function. Further in-depth interweaving is also possible.


Portrait Photography

James Doe


Harmony. Pleasure.

AJAX - Reponse (If complete HTML-document just body)

When using AJAX the Bit Brewery Lightbox filters all CSS and JavaScript elements of the source page and only displays the body of that HTML page which is to be loaded. This works as a safety feature for the user and as a compatibility feature for the webmaster.


AJAX - With Selector

Not necessarily will the complete HTML ressource be displayed when using AJAX. By using a selector one particular HTML element of the source page can be selected for display.


Execute CSS and/or JS

The standard Bit Brewery Lightbox practice of not loading CSS and JavaScript elements can be adjusted, i.e. the source page can be loaded with CSS without JavaScript, with only JavaScript excluding CSS or with either CSS or JavaScript. It is also possible to filter all css and js resources with a callback.



‘Alert‘, ‚confirm‘ and ‚prompt‘ are standard JavaScript elements that are replicated within the Lightbox, i.e. you can integrate status messages by use of alert, action confirmations by use of confirm (‘yes’ or ‘no’) and newsletter subscriptions by use of prompt. And in case of a missing resource the Bit Brewery Lightbox will automatically show an error message you can configure.


Open Lightbox from JS

The Bit Brewery Lightbox can be activated at any point within Javascript and therefore does not necessarily need a trigger element.


Open Lightbox on Load

If the hash on the url is the same as the ID of a Trigger-Element, the lightbox will be opened immediately.

Documentation Set hash


As indicated above a further eight callbacks will be predefined in the Bit Brewery Lightbox (except from opening and closing the Lightbox) as follows:

  • Callback before opening the Lightbox (onbeforeopen)
  • Callback after opening the Lightbox (onafteropen)
  • Callback before closing the Lightbox (onbeforeclose)
  • Callback after closing the Lightbox (onafterclosing)
  • Callback when fullscreen-mode is activated (onfullscreen)
  • Callback when fullscreen-mode is deactivated (onfullscreenoff)
  • Callback before a slide is created (onfilter)
  • Callback when a slide will have been loaded (onslideloaded)
  • Callback when a slide will have been opened successfully (onslideopen)
  • Callback when the slide will have been closed successfully (onslideclose)
  • Callback when the slide gets zoomed in (onslidezoom)
  • Callback when the slide gets back to normal (onslidezoomoff)



    Bit Brewery Lightbox Features

    The Bit Brewery Lightbox is equipped with special features adding to many of the usual standard functionalities. These features make our Bit Brewery Lightbox unique in comparison to other lightboxes. Particular features amongst others are as follows:

    Flexible gallery function

    The Bit Brewery Lightbox offers endless combination options of various media formats in one gallery, e.g. a gallery could consist of an image, an iframe, a video and another image.

    Interweaving of several lightboxes

    Opening up a second lightbox within the first one is completely hassle-free. The special part of it: the contents of the first lightbox are retained at all times.

    User-friendly operability

    The configuration of the Bit Brewery Lightbox is easy and powerful. All click areas have texts that are easily changed.

    Large number of callbacks

    The Bit Brewery Lightbox does not only offer the standard tracking tools of typical user activities like the opening and closing of the lightbox. Eight pre-defined callbacks make it possible to integrate further useful functionalities.

    • Easy and flexible integration

      • HTML5 and CSS3 
      • jQuery 1.7 - jQuery 2.x supported
      • Quick & easy setup
      • Powerfull HTML documentation 
      • Powerfull extended API 
      • Brewbook filled with examples
      • Support via support system 
      • Supports multiple lightboxes in the same page
      • Open lightbox from lightbox
    • Made for every device

      • Real fluid responsive design
      • Fullscreen mode
      • Zoom mode to zoom in big pictures
      • Touch and swipe support
      • Mouse support
      • Retina seady
    • Chrome IE Firefox Best browser support

      • Cross browser support for
        Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9+
      • Spartan support
      • Device friendly, works fine width iPhone, iPad and android devices
      • Windows phone support 
      • Continues testing on new browsers
    • Accessible

      • Keybord support
      • CSS only fallback in case of no JavaScript
      • Web content accessibility guidelines 1.0 PII
      • Open lightbox from URL
      • Thumbnail navigation support
      • Bullet navigation support
      • Auto hiding of the navigation while transition
    • Faster than a flash

      • Code generator gives only the necessary code
      • Smalest lightbox plugin (only 23 kB all features)
      • @FontFace navigation icons implementation
    • SEO friendly

      • Realy simple and clean markup
      • No invalid HTML markup
      • Fast and small script for better performance 
    • Super easy Theming

      • 4 ready to use most beautifull skins
      • Material theme skin 
      • Theming tutorial in our brewbook 
      • Only CSS and @FontFace for theming
    • Transitions abs Animations

      • Smooth navigation animation
      • 42 ready to use CSS transitions and animations
      • Use hardware acceleratation on CSS transforms
    • Media Support

      • All kind of images
      • Local video (mp4 ogv, webam, flv)
      • Video sites (youtube, vimeo,, ...)
      • Audio (soundcloud)
      • HTML inline
      • HTML external via Ajax
      • Alter, confirm, promt, and error messages
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