An url will be detected as ajax if the hostname of the url equals the hostname of the page.

<a href="internal-url.html" class="bblb">Ajax</a>

The ajax-response is parsed before it is inserted to the lightbox. By default all styles and scripts will be removed and if the response is a complete html document only the content of the body will be inserted.

Additionally it is possible to define a selector with the data-bblb-selector-attribute to show only a part of the response. The selector can be any string, that is a valid jQuery selector.

<a href="internal-url.html" class="bblb" data-bblb-selector="#content">Ajax</a>

It is also possible to append the styles and scripts from the response to the document. This option should be used really carefully, as this can lead to errors that are really hard to find. To add loaded styles (inline and external) the data-bblb-loadcss-attribute has to be set to true and to load scripts (inline and external) the data-bblb-loadjs-attribute has to be set to true.

<a href="internal-url.html" class="bblb" data-bblb-loadcss="true" data-bblb-loadjs="true">Ajax</a>