The next step is to show multiple images in one lightbox. If we just add a couple more <a href="..." title="..." class="bblb"> to the document, every link would have its own lightbox. So the user would have to open and close the lightbox for every link.

If we group the images they will be available in one lightbox and the user can slide between the elements.

To group some elements you have to set the "data-bblb-group

<a href="image1.png" title="my first image" class="bblb" data-bblb-group="my-group">Image 1</a>
<a href="image2.png" title="my second image" class="bblb" data-bblb-group="my-group">Image 2</a>

The name of the group is freely choosable, the important part is that its equal for the elements that should be grouped. Additionally the elements do not have to be near each other.

It is possible to combine all available types into a gallery.